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34/4 MAHIM HALDER STREET ( Ist floor) Kolkata : 700026, District:  North 24 parganas  State: West Bengal
Secretary: Albert Ashok, Mobile :+91-9330858536
Coordinator: Dr. Noboday Paul , Mobile : 09830550240

RAW Foundation ( RAINBOW ARTISTS AND WRITERS FOUNDATION ) was founded in 2002 to support Artists and Writers at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary Art and Literature. The organization in the country dedicated specifically to the Art of Painting and Writing, the organization is planning to sponsor awards and fellowships for writers and painters at all different levels of their careers. The organization also sponsors an annual festival week with its member and invitees, an annual celebration of the richness and vitality of art and Literature.

*Our Vision

RAW Foundation is established with a vision to be an organization of like-minded individuals who ( Artists and Writers) share a common bond of friendship, cultural orientation, social awareness, and who intend to add more value to our society.

*Our Mission

RAW Foundation is a non-profit organization in Kolkata,West Bengal, India, established to promote and nurture ‘Art, Literature and Culture’, ethnicity and social interaction, as well as to work with other similar organizations to improve the Art, Literature and a comprehensive cultural tradition and condition of the privileged and underprivileged in India and abroad. RAW Foundation will also strive to foster cultural harmony and friendship amongst all Indian and abroad by organizing events and creating platforms for Art, literature and cultural interaction.

*Our Aims and Ideals

-We believe we can make this world a better place .
-We believe in every individual for who they are and what they can do, rather than one's background, gender, socio-ethnic origin, religion, economic condition or political affiliation.
-We also promote or express interests of Artists and Writers and their views.
-We do not have any religious or cultural bias. We encourage and encompass all cultures, religions and ethnic communities.
-We honor honest intent, respect integrity and trustworthiness, value open and transparent communication and support a just cause.
-We belong to this organization; it is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure harmony in the group and in the society that we live in.

We maintain blogs which reflects current news about 'Freedom of Expression' and 'Human Rights' all around the globe you can visit them:
Secretary: Albert Ashok, Phone :+91-9330858536 email : , email: rawfkolkata@live.comJoin RAW Foundation You can help make a real difference by becoming a supporter or member

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Treasurer, RAW Foundation
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Account No : 11250551948
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Memorandum of Association
The members of this organization will initiate, partake or participate, and organize the following events and action to foster the appreciation of art and literature, to support and establish the rights of writers and artists (including all fields/sphere/branches of art like dancing singing, acting and so) and campaign :
a) Organize events, seminar, workshop, exhibition, art fair and various sort of art and cultural activities
b) Promote and publish Literary works and hold public events on contemporary literature
c) Foster the folk, tribal and original culture
d) Do research and preserve the works of art and culture
e) Involve and engage common people to build and raise fund/ collect subscription for Art and Culture and Natural and national cause
f) Serve in time of distress, calamities/catastrophe, communal riot, civil war and as is directed by the government of the country.